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What Pillow is Best For Me? Part 1

I get this question a lot. My canned answer goes something like this, “pillows are not one size fits all. An NFL linebacker will not use the same pillow as a 120 lb. soccer mom.” The question is a good one. Practicing over the years, I’ve seen many occasions where an improperly sized pillow created a whole bunch of neck problems. For this reason I suggest patients with neck problems bring their pillow in for me to evaluate. Because, sometimes the pillow is a perfect fit and is not the cause of the neck issue, or a slight modification of the current pillow is all that’s needed as opposed to buying a new one.



Even without a hands on evaluation there are some helpful things you can look for when making your next pillow purchase. I’ll be covering these points in the next few blogs.

To evaluate a pillow properly you have to mimic your sleeping position whether you sleep on your side or back. You need to assume that postion to do a proper assessment. Notice I did not include sleeping on your stomach. That is bad for both your neck and low back. Remember the concave (lordotic) curves I wrote about several blogs ago (Perfecting Your Posture: Part 1)? Sleeping on your stomach increases that curve resulting in jamming together the joints which are at the back of the bones in both the neck and low back. This isn’t good.

Next time, I’ll talk about proper neck support you should have from the pillow.

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