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Hi I'm Dr. Carl Zaycosky, and this is my way of sharing the resources, insight, and experience I've gained in my years as a chiropractor. I hope they help you chart a course toward whole body health.

Walking: An Excellent and Underrated Exercise Part 1

You may want to become physically active, but feel like one thing may be missing from your life and presenting a major hurdle in attaining this goal—time. It’s tough to carve out additional time from a 24 hour day that involves an hour of commuting time to a nine hour job commitment (you do have an hour for lunch), family responsibilities and all those other things we’re told we need to do to be happy and fulfilled.

The first thing you need to do before you take that first step—or do the first exercise—is to make attainment of physical fitness a priority. Making it a priority doesn’t always mean you have to give up or replace one thing with another. The context of priority I’m talking about is being aware of the opportunities for physical activity during the course of your day and taking advantage of these opportunities opportunity.

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As our first example let’s use what I consider the most underrated physical fitness activity when it comes to cost and access: walking. A good pair of walking/running shoes and a sidewalk and you’re off.  Keep in mind the CDC recommendations from the last blog, a pace quick enough where you can talk but not sing. This is not sauntering. It’s walking at a moderate consistent pace for at least 10 minutes.  That’s the key to it. Think of it as 30 minute walks over the course of a day and within a week’s time you have your recommended 150 minutes for the week.

There’s more to come on this next time.

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