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Perfecting Your Posture: Part 2

Before following any techniques I suggest in the next few blogs, it’s important to remember that if you experience sharp pain, stop immediately. I’ve recommended these to people of all shapes, sizes and ages over the years. However, you may have an under lying condition that make these activities inappropriate for you. These are not “no pain, no gain” exercises. When in doubt, don’t do them.

The first tip for good posture is an activity called the Wall Test. It’s simple to perform. Stand with your back to a wall. Rest the back of your head, shoulder blades and buttock against the wall. Place both heels about 4 inches from the wall. While in this position take the back of your hand and slide it into the small of your back (the space between your back and the wall). If your posture is good, your hand should fit snuggly. If there is too much space, flatten your back to the wall until your hand is snug. This can be easily done by tightening your abdominal (stomach) muscles. If you don’t have enough space, arch your back until you do have adequate space for your hand to fit. Hold the proper position for about 30 seconds then walk away from the wall, trying to maintain this posture. To reinforce this concept, do this a couple of time a day for a week. You’ll be surprised how your body will learn to adapt to the improved posture through muscle memory. 

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