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The SI Joint: Part 3

I subscribe to what amounts to a clearinghouse for scientific articles dealing with my profession. These are referred to as journal articles. Since there are hundreds of healthcare journals in print, it’s next to impossible to have the time and money to go through them all. So there are services available to sort through the pertinent information, providing you with a brief summary of the article and a link if you want to read in greater detail. 

I came across two articles on the SI joint. One was from a journal Anesthesia and Analgesia. The authors of the article concluded that not all chronic back pain (pain over one year in duration) comes from the spine and indicated instead that 20-25% of chronic low back pain comes from the SI joint. They figured so much weight and movement occurs from the upper body to the legs at the SI joint that it can quickly lead to increased wear and tear and eventually instability. 

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The other study came from the journal Pain Medicine. This article looked at failed spinal fusion surgeries. A failed surgery is as the name implies a surgery that did not work. Here the authors pointed out that in more than half the cases the patient still had pain, in spite of the vertebrae being fused. The cause of this pain they concluded was the SI joint and not a problem with the spine. 

The lesson to take away from this is don’t get too aggressive in treating chronic low back until you have the SI joint properly evaluated.

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