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The SI Joint: Part 1

I’m going to get a little technical on these next few blogs. But I think you’ll find this to be good stuff. I’m going to address a cause of low back pain that is at times overlooked by health care providers (including me). That is the sacroiliac joint commonly referred to as the SI joint.


Here’s a brief anatomy lesson. Your pelvis is made up of three bones, starting at your side with the illium going to the center where the sacrum sits and another ilium on the far side. Or, as I tell people a hip bone, the tailbone and another hip bone. Where the tailbone meets the hip bone is called the sacroiliac joint. I find it curious that patients consistently refer to their SI joint as their hip joint. The hip joint is by definition the ball and socket type joint that the top of your leg fits into which lies at the lower part of the ilium.

The movement of the SI is important to understand in knowing why it can cause back pain. Slightly cup your hands. Place the palm of one hand on the back surface of the other cupped hand. Now glide the surface of your hands back and forth toward the wrists in a smooth movement over the top of each other. This is the type of efficient movement that takes place at your SI joint when everything is working correctly. When it’s not this can cause problems. More on that next time. 

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