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Sleeping Posture Part 1

We spend 1/3 of our lives or at least we should sleeping. You may have heard various people in your life comment about your posture. Don’t slouch. Sit up straight. A well intentioned local chiropractor devoted a blog series to proper posture. So, why do we simply plop down in any old manner when we go to sleep and neglect our sleeping posture? Over the next few blogs I’m going to talk about sleeping posture that may earn you some extra zzzz’s.

Let’s talk first of all discuss how not to sleep. Don’t sleep on your stomach. I know this is going to be tough for some of you. I’m a recovering stomach sleeper. Yes, the habit can be broken. First of all here is why it is bad. You may recall from my Perfecting Posture blog the concave (inward) and convex (outward) curve of your spine. The low back and neck are concave and mid back is convex. When you sleep on your stomach the inward curve of both the neck and low back is made larger. This is a problem because the surfaces of the joints in the spine are on the back part of the bone. Increasing the curve puts more pressure on the pain sensitive surface of the joint causing the back or neck to hurt.

A good way to break this habit and this is what I did; start out sleeping on your back put a small pillow next to both your hips. This hinders the ability to roll over and after a week or two you’ll be comfortable sleeping on your back.

Stay tuned! I will have more sleeping posture tips for you in the next installment.

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Dr. Z

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