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Plain Ol' Water Part 1


I want to talk with you about something boring, so bland and tasteless one may even forget about it, passing it by for a more lively choice. Water, more specifically plain old water !This stuff has big benefits for your health and well-being but too often you may be guilty of passing by the tap and substituting a high sugar high calorie alternatives when all you and your body needs is plain old water.

Over the next few blogs I want to focus on an article I ran across in the Journal of Nutritional Dietetics (December 2014) dealing with water consumption and maintaining a healthy weight. Though keep in mind weight control is only one of several good reasons to consume boring water.               

Researchers from the University of Illinois examined data from over 18,000 adults who had recorded their drinking habits over a 7 year period ending in 2012. The sheer size of this study group makes the findings of the researchers very credible.

The people who participated in the study were asked to record the intake of their diet for 2 days. One of the items tracked was the intake of plain water. They were also asked to record their intake of other fluids, fruit drinks, energy drinks, pop even sweetened water.  Finally, they were asked to record how much “energy-dense, nutrient poor” foods they ate. Folks these are your chips, ice cream, cookies, etc.

I bet you can figure out what the results were already. I’ll talk about them next time.

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