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Perfecting Your Posture: Part 4

There is a technical term in healthcare lingo called neuromuscular reeducation (NMR). A billing code even exists for it, allowing healthcare providers to bill for this service. This last posture tip blog will focus on NMR.

Simply put, NMR is re-teaching a muscle what it should normally be doing. The muscle between your shoulder blades primarily functions to pull your shoulder blades into your spine. In today's sedentary culture there is not a lot of need to do this. Think washing clothes by hand or plowing a field with a team of horses. A muscle is a dynamic structure: in order to work well it needs to be used. If it isn’t used, it begins to lose its functioning capacity. Using the concept of NMR, the repeated contraction and relaxation of the muscle between the shoulder blades will help in re-establishing an efficient path from your brain down the spinal cord to the muscle and back to the brain. The establishment of an efficient neuromuscular pathway takes practice and time.

Try this simple approach. While in a seated position attempt to pinch your shoulder blades to your spine without pushing your chest forward. You may initially feel awkward doing this. However, the more you do it the greater the control you’ll gain over the specific muscle between the shoulder blade. The more control over the muscle the better the pathway for the nerve. As a result, the better overall tone of the muscle and the easier to maintain the correct posture. Try 10 repetitions of this twice a day and you’ll see a change in several weeks.

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