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Plain Ol' Water Part 2


Here are the results from the researchers at the University of Illinois. The participants, all 18,000 of them, in the study drank on average a little over 4 cups of water a day and while consuming 2157 calories. 125 of the calories came from sugary drinks. A can of regular coke has 140 calories.  The people in the study consumed 432 “energy-dense nutrition poor” foods. There are 417 calories in a quarter pounder with cheese.

The take away from the results is this. The people who drank the most water consumed less of the bad stuff, saturated fat, salt and sugar. The study went on to indicate that consuming an additional 1-3 cups (8 oz.)of water a day decreased overall caloric intake by 68-205 calories a day.  Sure this doesn’t sound like much but over the course of weeks, months and years this does add up to a significant number. I just read this month in the Harvard Medical School Health Beat blog that drinking one extra 12 ounce can of a typical sweetened beverage a day can add on 15 pounds a year.

The nutritional literature is full of studies touting the benefits of drinking water especially before meals and as a substitute for sugary drinks. Weight control is a major benefit, though not the only one. So the next time you’re thirsty or for that matter hungry head straight to the tap and pour yourself a strong one, water that is.

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