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Is Sitting the New Smoking? Part 1

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Recently I’ve run across several articles in the popular media about the dangers of sitting. The Mayo Clinic and Harvard’s medical school have made mention of this news, also.

It appears to me that this interest in the negative health aspects of sitting stems from a 2012 article in The British Journal of Sports Medicine. The article compares smoking and sitting. The piece stated each cigarette smoked takes 11 minutes off your life, while sitting watching TV takes 22 minutes off of your life. Let’s assume these numbers are correct. If you compare people who don’t watch any TV to those who watch 6 hours a day the TV watchers live 4 ½ years less than the non-watchers.

It’s important to keep in mind that what the authors of the article are really saying is a sedentary life style is bad for you, and being a couch potato is an integral part of this lifestyle. Considering the amount of time most people sit in the course of a normal day—the drive home, eating, and sitting at your desk. Let’s face it: we sit a lot. Sometimes because we have to, other times because we want to. However, there are ways we can make sitting and watching TV less sedentary.

Stay tuned for the next installment to see how you can become a more active couch potato.

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