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Fighting Fatigue: Part 2

There are two ways to boost your energy, and they are entirely opposite in approach: rest, or don’t rest.

Take a brief nap during the day. Yes, the power nap has withstood scientific rigor and proven helpful in fighting fatigue. Twenty minutes is all the time you need. If you sleep longer than this you may need to regulate your nighttime sleeping habits. Also, sleeping longer than this time may make it harder for you to fall asleep that evening.


If taking a nap is not practical, or if it has a negative effect on your nighttime sleeping, try the opposite. Move around. A walk around the block or around the office stimulates blood flow. If your work environment allows stretching, stretch—especially the long muscle in your back and legs. This can be helpful right before you take your walk. Sitting in your chair with your buttock at the edge of the chair, bend forward with your head between your legs trying the touch your hands to the floor. Lean forward until you feel a comfortable pull in the spine and hold the position 4-8 seconds. Next stand with both hands against the wall, arms straight, one foot 2 feet from the wall knee bent the other foot 3-4 feet from the wall and the leg straight, lean forward while bending at the elbows until a comfortable stretch is felt. Hold 4-8 seconds. Do both these stretches 2-3 times. Theses activities will increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain giving a needed boost.

Next time we’ll cover habits to avoid.

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