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Diet Myths Part 2


My revelation about diet myths were sparked by an article in the New England Journal of Medicene published in 2013.

The first myth is if a person makes a small change in diet or exercise this will create significant long term weight lose. Sorry, not the case. The physiology of your body is set to maintain a weight level. It’s going to take more than an extra 100 foot walk to the mail box or three less bites of food to establish measurable weight loss. With this said, a 1000 mile journey starts with the first step. So by all means take it. Just realize you’ll have to take a bunch more steps to achieve a worthwhile goal.

The second myth is setting initial big goals will lead to failure. What the study concludes is setting lofting goals does not lead to frustration and subsequent surrendering your weight loss goals. If anything a big goal may actually lead to better weight loss outcomes. Let me add this. The goals whether they be diet strategy or an exercise routine have to be safe and within in your current health situation. This is why I’m a believer in proven weight loss programs. I’m a big believer in Weight Watchers and the literature backs up this approach. I’m a firm believer in using a personal trainer to direct your exercise program. Using a personal trainer doesn’t always mean she needs to be at every exercise session. But at the very least getting started and providing periodic modification to a program is best attained by someone who is trained in this calling the shots.

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