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Choosing a Good Chiropractor: Part 3

So you’ve found the chiropractor and now you’re going to set an appointment. You have one more thing to determine before you set the appointment time. Does the chiropractor use the technique you desire?


What is a chiropractic technique and why should you desire it? The technique is the method or style used in adjusting your spine. There are at least 20 adjusting techniques that I can name off the top of my head and probably more that I haven’t heard of. It’s important to realize that all chiropractors have styles of adjusting they prefer. Much like surgeons have styles of stitching they prefer. Chiropractors as they practice become more proficient with a particular technique. If a chiropractor claims to be proficient in all techniques, get away from him, because he is either delusional or lying to you, because it can’t be done. That’s not to say a good chiro cannot be skilled in multiple techniques. This number is usually 3-5.

If you’ve been to a DC she will tell you the name of the technique she uses. Some of the more commonly utilized adjusting techniques are Diversified (the most common), Activator and Flexion/Distraction. Some techniques go by different names, for example Flexion/Distraction is also called Cox technique. When making an appointment the staff member will be able to tell you what technique the doctor uses. My experience is most chiropractors in a given locale know what adjusting techniques are being used in the area and would be happy to refer you to someone who uses the technique you desire.

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