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Choosing a Good Chiropractor: Part 2

When looking for a chiropractor it’s best to look beyond chiropractic. I usually suggest that people ask the person who is rendering their primary care, whether it is a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistance. If the provider is a chiropractic patient, you’ll be set. You just go to their chiro. If this isn’t the case and they’ve been in their community for any length of time they will know of a good chiropractor because they’ll have heard it from their patients.  


Another source--and the most obvious--is the people you interact with in your community: neighbors, friends, co-workers, the parents’ on your kid’s ball team, etc. Using this method you should make several inquiries and when you start to hear the same name come up you have your chiro.

I’m still a bit leery about making choice solely from online recommendations. I’m still trying to determine in my own mind whether this is a good method or not. My concern is some offices may aggressively persuade their patients to post good things about them. Over the years I’ve attended practice management conferences that provided scripts to garner written testimonials for publication in print media extolling the virtues of the chiropractor. Though I haven’t been to any management gatherings recently, a similar method could be employed for online postings.

The last installment in finding a good chiropractor will be what to ask/tell the staff when making your initial appointment.

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