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Chiropractor Concerns: Choosing the Right Handbag, Part 1

One of the constants in my life as a chiropractor is picking up a patient’s handbag and giving it to them as they exit the treatment room at the conclusion of their visit. I pick the bag up and think, this thing weighs a ton; no wonder your back and neck hurt. So, for the next few blogs I’ll discuss handbags.

There are three things to consider when you purchase a handbag. The first is how heavy is it when it’s empty. Hardware, chains, buckles, etc. add weight. Leather is heavier than synthetic material. Remember, you’re going to be carrying this handbag every day.

If you are going to use a shoulder strap, wider is better. The more surface area to distribute the weight of the bag over the better. Thin straps may dig into the muscles across the top of your shoulder. As you shop for the perfect bag you may want to consider doing away with the strap completely and going with a model that has a handle.

Finally, your size and the size of the bag matters. There is a correct fit for the perfect handbag. The sweet spot for a shoulder bag is at, to slightly above your waist. If it’s too short your arms swing into the bag causing it to repeatedly pull on your neck and shoulder muscles, and if it’s too long it can interfere with proper leg and hip movement.

Now that you have the perfect mechanical look at your handbag, we’ll talk next about what you put in this thing.

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