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Back Pain Guidelines Part 3



One point of contention I have with the guidelines are the recommendations as to when to employ exercises for someone experiencing acute low back pain. Exercise is recommended as a treatment approach for chronic (lasting more than 12 weeks) pain. I don’t dispute that exercise alone may not have measurable benefit in the acute, early stage of injury; it has proven benefit when used in conjunction with spinal manipulation. There is a study which indicates spinal manipulation has better outcomes when used with exercise when compared with spinal manipulation as the sole treatment method.

I want to add my own opinion at this juncture. It’s important to remember each person’s back pain is a little different than someone else’s. Meaning what may not work for one individual may work for another. I often think what a savings our national healthcare budget would have if each person could be directed initially to the back pain treatment approach that would be the most effective for them. Since that isn’t possible. Recommendations from a reputable source (The American College of Physicians) that have made an extensive review of the medical literature is the best alternative currently available. This approach is called best practice methods and is a model that is being implemented throughout healthcare.


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