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More Reasons for Good Posture Part 1


 More Reasons for Good Posture

                I’ve done a couple of blogs about posture over the last few years.(There are two blog series I did on posture , Perfecting Your Posture & Sleeping Posture can you put links to those 2 here) In this blog series, I want to touch on several of the risks poor posture can have that may profoundly affect quality of life beyond having a sore neck or back that poor posture typically creates. Whether it be sitting too long, staring at our phones for hours on end, or slumped over on the couch bingeing on your favorite Netflix series we can all do a better job maintaining correct posture. Heartburn, incontinence and constipation are three things you may not have considered that have a link to bad posture.

                Poor posture can contribute to heartburn, particularly right after you’ve eaten. Let’s set the stage. You head right back to your work station after gobbling down your lunch assuming your normal position, seated with your shoulders slouched and head forward looking down at your computer screen(s).  This all too familiar position puts stress on your abdomen. This can lead to the stomach acid being forced in the wrong direction back toward your esophagus. This is the mechanism that causes gastric reflux or heartburn. I’ve also read accounts that this can slow the peristaltic movement of food through the intestines. Peristaltic movement is the relaxation and contraction of your esophagus, stomach and intestines that pushes food through your digestive tract where nutrients are absorbed. I’ve never ran across a study that makes a link between bad posture and a slowed digestive tract, but it makes sense to me.

                I’ll hit on a couple more fun facts next time.

                                Dr. Z.                    

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