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Hi I'm Dr. Carl Zaycosky, and this is my way of sharing the resources, insight, and experience I've gained in my years as a chiropractor. I hope they help you chart a course toward whole body health.

Walking for Health Part 2


Researchers at Harvard University conducted an investigation of 12,000 people, a huge sampling. They centered their inquiry on the 30-some genes that play a role in promoting obesity, specifically how these genes work in adding to overall body weight. Of the people studied, those who walked briskly for an hour a day had the effects of these obesity causing genes cut in half. A good rule of thumb, 100 steps a minute is brisk walking.

It’s been known that any type of activity has some positive effect in reducing breast cancer. The American Cancer Society did a study gauging the effects of walking on breast cancer risk. Their findings simply put, if you walk, walk more. Women who walk 7 or more hours a week have a 14% lower risk of breast cancer than the women who walked 3 or less hours a week. This findings prove to be true even in women who are overweight, which carries a high risk for developing breast cancer.

A small European study reported just a 15 minute walk can reduce your craving for chocolate and the amount of chocolate you may feel compelled to eat as a stress coping mechanism. This not only applies to chocolate by to a wide variety of sugary snacks.

Walking… easy to do, many benefits, no excuses.

Dr. Z.


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