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Diet Myths Part 3

diet myths

The third myth regarding weight loss is if you lose weight quickly it won’t stay off as long when compared to losing weight slowly. The evidence doesn’t show either approach better than the other. Though, let me say this. If your method of losing weight is simply to dehydrate yourself this should be avoided. I have had patients over the years that admit to sweating off the pounds to make weight for an athletic event or to fit into a gown for a big evening out. Eating disorders fall into this category, again to be avoided.
The final myth is one episode of sex is equivalent to walking a mile when it comes to calorie expenditure. Nope, if you thought having sex was good for your exercise of the day that’s not the case. The article pointed out that the average sexual encounter lasts about 6 minutes. During this time a man in his 30’s burns about 20 calories. This is only 14 calories more than sitting and watching TV.
A small study of 300 people was conducted at the University of Michigan’s family medicine clinic. The average age of the group was 37. The people were asked whether the previously mentioned myths were true or not, 85% thought Myth 1 was true, 94% Myth 2, 85% Myth 3, and 61% Myth 4. Weight loss is hard no doubt about it. But having the correct facts can make it easier.

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