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Back Pain Guidelines Part 1



“times they is a changin’” specifically in how back pain is treated by health professionals. The word came out earlier this year with the release of updated guidelines from The American Academy of Physicians regarding treatment of back pain. I’m going to cover these recommendations in the next few blogs, but before I get to that, SPOILER ALERT: chiropractic treatment comes out smelling like a rose in these guidelines.
Healthcare is consistently changing as new approaches are discovered and found to be effective, subsequently being employed with patients. Likewise treatment approaches that seemed to be helpful are discarded once the science has proven them to be ineffective or not as effective as they were once thought to be.
The treatment of back pain is a prime example of how treatment approaches change over time. When I started practice the medical model of care at least for severe low back pain, was two weeks of bed rest. Keep in mind too this rest often times occurred in a hospital, “times they is a changin’” image under today’s health care norms of same day surgery and home based care, spending two weeks in a hospital to rest.
My point is not to ridicule past practices. I’m sure the healthcare providers then were using methods they thought best for their patients. Believe me I was employing methods of chiropractic practice in 1984 I wouldn’t dream of using today. And, I bet 50 years from now the providers will look back and shake their about what was being done to patients in the teens.
I’ll get to the specifics next time.

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